Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Girlfriend Getaways

Seriously. There's a whole web-magazine devoted to Girlfriend Getaways. Perhaps we could advertise next November's dealy on there, once we're ready to go, or write a preview of it and see if they'll publish? Mostly, though, I want to see what kind of cool getaways they have to offer. For when I have $$ again.

Also, regarding Heather's challenge and Dawn's previous post, here's what I'll be using. Handmaiden Two-Four Silk in Glacier.

Yes, it's a major cheat. What of it? Besides, it was bought [not by me] in Victoria on the cruise. I managed to trade for it later. Because I'm like that. Find something, desperately want it, feel guilty, make someone else buy it, give in to the wants later. Sigh.


Dawn said...

HA! After you "helped" me buy half the store even. I feel so much better. Everyone is helpless in the face of the Handmaiden, even if they have constant access.