Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Girlfriend Getaways

Seriously. There's a whole web-magazine devoted to Girlfriend Getaways. Perhaps we could advertise next November's dealy on there, once we're ready to go, or write a preview of it and see if they'll publish? Mostly, though, I want to see what kind of cool getaways they have to offer. For when I have $$ again.

Also, regarding Heather's challenge and Dawn's previous post, here's what I'll be using. Handmaiden Two-Four Silk in Glacier.

Yes, it's a major cheat. What of it? Besides, it was bought [not by me] in Victoria on the cruise. I managed to trade for it later. Because I'm like that. Find something, desperately want it, feel guilty, make someone else buy it, give in to the wants later. Sigh.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Renewing the Challenge

Not that I don't have like 5 million other things I'm working on right now, but ya know a gauntlet was thrown waaaaay back in May by our dearest Heather. In the face of a force of nature none the less....or really to embody said force I suppose.

I believe we were to attempt to capture the experience of being in Desperation Bay (like blissed-out Heather and Meg below) within a handknit.

The Bailey's of course being a mandatory component. :)

My progress to date? Zippo. However, I do have some ideas for an organic, beaded crochet shawl in a swirlish pattern to represent our wake:

And a totally un-bay related project involving Socks that Rock, the crazy huge ravens that could climb stairs in Ketchican (sorry, was too in awe to snap one in action, but here's one on a lightpost), and margeurite stitch in lace (which I am not even technically sure is possible, but hey figuring it out shall be fun, eh?).

Anyone else continuing to mull the possibilities?

Hugs and Treats,


Clay + Knitting = Love

Lovingly modeled by our Amy!

So...I just got back from a whirl-wind trip. Details will be eventually posted here. I made a few new things to debut at Rhinebeck. Might as well test market things at one of the best attended sheep and wool festivals, right? The knit stitch pendant was much loved, almost as much as our dear Meg's sock yarn. I sold out of my stock and just threw out some slabs to make a bajillion more before the next issue of Knitty goes live. (Uh, somewhere around Dec 1.) Maybe I can bribe Dawn to come over and assist . . . no passport necessary to cross the Mississippi. Miss you all!!
I think it's high time for a pod call!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Today's Fun

Hello my Podlets,

Today is a day of joy and rapture. Today, for ALMOST 18 hours I will be alone with my husband. And by alone I mean I'll be with a bunch of folks from work...but they're folks we like.

We get to shuttle up to Phoenix (ugh) today around lunch time, check into a hotel, go to dinner with our buds, then head back to the ranch for our traditional anniversary cigars and port.

I know, right? How civilized. It's Tradition. Not quite Tevye, but pretty good.

Our real anniversary was the 19th, but the DH was outta town. So. Tonight.

Then tomorrow I'll skulk around Phoenix, paint a bit, then come home to get Things 1 and 2. The Husband returns Tuesday night.

Paint you say?

I took a class. 

Here's proof.
That's the remnants of a Lime Fizzzzzzz at Bentley's Coffee House during office hours.
Correct. Instead of holding my office hours this semester in the dark, cubicle cave the University assigned me, I'm holding them at a Coffee House.
No dummy, me.

OTN--the Mason-Dixon Cardi Cozy, socks for my Dad for Xmas 2007, an Xmas 2008 dishcloth (Kiwi Knitting Pattern o the Month), Clapotis Part Deux (in Bamboo for Xmas 2008); OTLoom—scarves for Xmas 2008, soon to come—dish towels.

Missing you all more than you know,
in AZ
Where it's still NINETY DEGREES OUT

get your pics in the reminisce area

If your pics are on Flickr, add the tags "Alaska, cruise, knitting" and you'll show up in rotation with whatever else has those same tags (currently mine and someone i don't know).

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Okay, so we've got a blog

I found a template that would be editable, and bonus! It has room for links back to our bloghomes. Tonia, do you have any blog or site you want linked to? I asked Philly the same question and he just made a face at me. We'll see if he ever posts here.

Okay, guys. My work is done. I hope it's okay with all of you. Now start posting!


Brenda posted! Woot!

- I've got a cute little header graphic designed and [supposedly] in place in the template, but I CANNOT get it to display where it should. Maybe it's just a bug in Blogger, but I've tried to get this to work for hours and I'm giving up for the moment. [The other blog I recently started uses the same code and works just fine. I dunno.]

- Jennie is on the road home. I am very sad. Dawn, you will find some goodies for you in the back of the truck [where ALL her pottery used to be!]

- Toronto is now full of Jennie's Rhinebeck leftovers. Looking forward to seeing a mug in the hands of every Toronto knitter eventually.

Happy Saturday, all!

It is a happy thing when friends visit.

While most of the rest of you were busy at Rhinebeck, Meg and I crossed the whole of Wales (not really) saw some escaped sheep, who were happily munching the flowers in someone's garden (that part is true) and had a close encounter with big rocks, of which there is evidence.

Apparently Victorians were fond of picnicking atop the capstone of Pentre Ifan, though they'd have had to stand on the shoulders of servants in order to get up there. Not having servants with us that day, Meg wisely chose to remain on the ground.

Friday, 24 October 2008


do not be alarmed