Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Clay + Knitting = Love

Lovingly modeled by our Amy!

So...I just got back from a whirl-wind trip. Details will be eventually posted here. I made a few new things to debut at Rhinebeck. Might as well test market things at one of the best attended sheep and wool festivals, right? The knit stitch pendant was much loved, almost as much as our dear Meg's sock yarn. I sold out of my stock and just threw out some slabs to make a bajillion more before the next issue of Knitty goes live. (Uh, somewhere around Dec 1.) Maybe I can bribe Dawn to come over and assist . . . no passport necessary to cross the Mississippi. Miss you all!!
I think it's high time for a pod call!


Amy R Singer said...

and everyone and their brother bought a mug, too. :-)

Dawn said...

ooo, ooo, ooo! You mean I can come play in the basement again??? YEAH!