Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Meg, sock yarn dyer extrordinaire.

Meg's yarn is on The Panopticon, Meg's yarn is on The Panopticon!! And might I just say Franklin took all of it's fabulous potential and took it eons beyond anything I could have imagined. Stunning. Here. Go look. Awesome Meggie, just awesome.

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Wait! Wait!

Along with (I'm sure) hundreds of others, I sent former-Brooklyn-neighbor Peter Sagal (via his fabulous wife who I miss terribly) a screen shot of Mo's Sweater Ravelry page. The result?

Listen to the special message in "Panel Round Two".
What do you want to bet Mo's gonna get the softest sweaters in Suri Alpaca...and have to apologize all over again!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Off to Alaska ....

Well we were a year or so ago. Here is my finished Pod Project. Let me know what you honestly think about it. Dawn and Brenda are test knitting the pattern for me. So here goes:

And because I think both sides look OK ... and this is my first lace project that has turned out ...

So I hope you all like it.

Monday, 26 January 2009


I just spent the most glorious weekend at the Swedish Institute! On Saturday I attended the showing of, "Bohus Knitting- from Relief Work to World Success" This was followed by a Q&A from the documentary filmmaker Kjell Andersson. Did you know Bohus began it's life as an economic development project for the wives of unemployed quarry workers? I loved the film so much I purchased the DVD. (Perhaps we could have a podflix and send it around to share with everyone?) After the film I wandered the exhibit. Possibly the largest exhibit ever seen anywhere outside of the original Bohus Stickning shop, over forty pullovers, cardigans and hats were on display. Unbelievable!
In the afternoon I attended a lecture with Solveig Gustafsson, the Master Dyer behind the Bohus kits. She has painstakingly recreated the colors used in the original Bohus Skickning patterns. So far she has cracked the code of over 27 designs. Her work has been lovingly translated into English by Susanna Hansson.
Today I participated in a six hour Bohus class taught by Susanna Hansson. We were given a tour of the exhibit during which we talked with the curator at the Institute responsible for the display. With white gloves we were allowed to fondle the sweaters on display! Needless to say one or two sweaters were turned inside out to determine construction methods. Unreal!
In six hours I managed to accomplish this.
I am unhappy with the size and will be ripping it out to move down a needle size to 00. Yep, crazy, but I LOVE IT! Here's the flickr link to more of my photos.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Just Plain WRONG.

One should never have to see the following sign upon the door of a yarn selling establishment: "Closed - To Cold." Aside from the obvious grammatical let-down, it is immoral to deprive the yarn buying public of access when it is -20.

OK, perhaps if you live in Florida and this is a sign of the apocalypse I would be understanding, but when you shill yarn in MN you must learn to suck it up.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Virtual Happy Hour?

It's Friday night. I'd like an excessively fruity, slushy drink with a maraschino cherry and umbrella. Preferably beach-side. Moonlight glinting in the softly rushing waves. Yes, that is exactly the mood I'm in this evening. You?