Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Renewing the Challenge

Not that I don't have like 5 million other things I'm working on right now, but ya know a gauntlet was thrown waaaaay back in May by our dearest Heather. In the face of a force of nature none the less....or really to embody said force I suppose.

I believe we were to attempt to capture the experience of being in Desperation Bay (like blissed-out Heather and Meg below) within a handknit.

The Bailey's of course being a mandatory component. :)

My progress to date? Zippo. However, I do have some ideas for an organic, beaded crochet shawl in a swirlish pattern to represent our wake:

And a totally un-bay related project involving Socks that Rock, the crazy huge ravens that could climb stairs in Ketchican (sorry, was too in awe to snap one in action, but here's one on a lightpost), and margeurite stitch in lace (which I am not even technically sure is possible, but hey figuring it out shall be fun, eh?).

Anyone else continuing to mull the possibilities?

Hugs and Treats,