Sunday, 26 October 2008

Today's Fun

Hello my Podlets,

Today is a day of joy and rapture. Today, for ALMOST 18 hours I will be alone with my husband. And by alone I mean I'll be with a bunch of folks from work...but they're folks we like.

We get to shuttle up to Phoenix (ugh) today around lunch time, check into a hotel, go to dinner with our buds, then head back to the ranch for our traditional anniversary cigars and port.

I know, right? How civilized. It's Tradition. Not quite Tevye, but pretty good.

Our real anniversary was the 19th, but the DH was outta town. So. Tonight.

Then tomorrow I'll skulk around Phoenix, paint a bit, then come home to get Things 1 and 2. The Husband returns Tuesday night.

Paint you say?

I took a class. 

Here's proof.
That's the remnants of a Lime Fizzzzzzz at Bentley's Coffee House during office hours.
Correct. Instead of holding my office hours this semester in the dark, cubicle cave the University assigned me, I'm holding them at a Coffee House.
No dummy, me.

OTN--the Mason-Dixon Cardi Cozy, socks for my Dad for Xmas 2007, an Xmas 2008 dishcloth (Kiwi Knitting Pattern o the Month), Clapotis Part Deux (in Bamboo for Xmas 2008); OTLoom—scarves for Xmas 2008, soon to come—dish towels.

Missing you all more than you know,
in AZ
Where it's still NINETY DEGREES OUT


Heather said...

Pic tags done been added, too...

utilly said...

Smell you!

*You* get a fancy cube... I get nothing from Glamorgan... yeah, cube envy, sad isn't it?

So what are you teaching this year Heather my dear?

This year I will mostly be teaching MA Art Practice students 'Professional Studies'....