Saturday, 25 October 2008


Brenda posted! Woot!

- I've got a cute little header graphic designed and [supposedly] in place in the template, but I CANNOT get it to display where it should. Maybe it's just a bug in Blogger, but I've tried to get this to work for hours and I'm giving up for the moment. [The other blog I recently started uses the same code and works just fine. I dunno.]

- Jennie is on the road home. I am very sad. Dawn, you will find some goodies for you in the back of the truck [where ALL her pottery used to be!]

- Toronto is now full of Jennie's Rhinebeck leftovers. Looking forward to seeing a mug in the hands of every Toronto knitter eventually.

Happy Saturday, all!


Dawn said...

Did you get the book??? Did you read it??? Did you love it??? Sucked mine down in about 3 seconds. Now am going through the odd Gaiman books I've managed to miss along the way. Like Interworld. How did I miss Interworld???