Saturday, 1 November 2008

Saturday, Nov 1st--90° outside...Seriously

Ah, My Podlets,

I was sorry to miss the call yesterday
, but the damn Skype doens't leave a callback number. I was doing the following:

  • Texting with a friend who needed psychic advice (long story);
  • Getting Xmas shopping done;
  • Spending time with husband while getting shopping done;
  • Texting with cousin, son of estranged aunt (so it was rawther important);
  • Getting birthday presents for the party of TRIPLETS to who's fete we will blast off to in moments;
  • Getting donations arranged for Thing 2's class fund raiser
  • Getting donations arranged for the Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild Spring 2009 Fashion Show;
  • Gearing up for NaNoWriMo (more on that in a sec);And trying to remember what the hell else I was supposed to be doing (um...listening to your voices would be the answer to that).
This morning I taught the last class for Cat Bordhi's Knitter's Bowl. Here's some fun!

This is what the bowl looks like when the stitches are picked up correctly.
And here's what the bowl looks like if they're not.
That would be a pickup of the CONTINUOUS EDGE.
Brutal to unwind, letmetellyou!

In other news, I continue to sketch.

I also started writing my novel last night. Here's me.

Here's Andrew.

Here's the left side of the room of writers, who all started frantically scribing at midnight (we're so committed...or is that committable...?).
As for the glacier challenge: I decided to try to really kill myself and dyed about 17 different shades of blue, brown, green, grey, and taupe. Amy's got the first write-up of the results. When we figure out what to do with it, I'll show the world.  
Hint--it's alliterative! (HA! That won't help at all...)
Regardless, the challenge was FUN...and not as hard as the Vogue 2002 Map of the World Afghan.

In lousy news: by trying to be healthy and go walking yesterday, I did something dastardly to my knee. I am wearing my friend Sam's old brace and using a cane off and on. The pain is off and on. When on, I resemble House in mood and limp.

Where's the Vicodan?!

OTN: No News...though I just finished one of the Xmas 2007 socks for Dad. 




Dawn said...

please, please please tell me you're not truly mimicking house but are in fact using the cane on the correct side??? for those not in the physics know, that would be on the opposite side from the hurt knee. not the same side, never the same side. alternately, stop goofing about with the cane and get yerself some crutches. and take lots and lots of ibuprofen.

your personal physical therapist has spoken. comply.