Monday, 17 November 2008

Pushed to my crafting limits...

By my stupid, stupid idea to whip up this scarf for the school auction.

Oh podsters, it's true. I am so hatin' on a hand-craft. It all seemed so simple. It's a crochet mesh that you then weave chains into resulting in a spunky plaid effect, meaning I could mimic the uniform plaid that so charmingly adorns my daughter every day. Easy peasy.

Some day I will remember to account for loose ends in colorwork...and how very much I hate weaving them all in.

Under other circumstances I would so have buried all 7 feet of ends in the basement under the boxes containing the remnants of my childhood closet and decidedly never thought of it again. But it's for the auction you know? And I told the girl child I was making it. And she mentioned that fact about evey 30 seconds we were together. So I buckled down with my chibi, about 4 beers and a host of sweets rumaged out of the Halloween stash (they so owed me for this one those kids did! I earned each and every pilfered snickers and reeses.) and wove all 168 ends firmly into that blasted multi-colored mesh. (there may also have been some rather colorful language. and maybe some vigorous flinging about of things...)

The result? One enormously toxic scarf. Today I all but threw it at the auction coordinator in my enthusiasm to be rid of it. I feel like it needs a good exorcism so it doesn't plague it's new owner with my hate for it. Isn't this just the most horrible thing? Vitriol filled crocheting for charity. I hang my head in shame.


Brenda said...

Oh honey, we've ALL had projects like this one, and hey always seem to have deadlines attached, don't they? Hmmm... I am sensing a New Year's resolution coming on, though that is probably only a pathetic attempt to bypass krimbo this year, and head straight for the months of unfettered, undeadlined knitting that come after 1 Jan.