Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Go here.

Seriously. Go.

So this is why I don't talk to anyone anymore. Web stuff. Whatta a nightmare. Next time I'm getting a little man in to do it. I mean, I have a little man on this job now, but next time I'm getting him in WAY earlier.

So. It's live, but not public yet, AND ... V. important, the blog content is way behind the current site, because... well, there were issues, but it's a very dull tale, so I'm sparing you. But that's' why there are differences in the content between this site and the other one. Apparently my guy will flip a switch or something and there will be content merging magic. Apparently.

That being said, have a lookie for me, please? And let me know if my seams aren't straight or my slip is showing.

Thank ye. Over and out.


Dawn said...

ooo, I looove the new format! so much great info on one page. it's all easy to find not to mention engaging.