Saturday, 13 December 2008

For the Next Week...

I will be traveling with the Family to the Wilds of Los Angeles for Aiden's (final?) ear surgery. I will have my cell, but only evening access to the Interwebs. So.

Follow the blog.

And Brenda, a little shout out to you--things have been so crazy here I actually only JUST started catching up on podcasts from you--the last time I was able to hear anything was Aiden's LAST surgery drive. I'm SO glad to hear you're painting again--please upload scans of said art here!

I'm hoping to finish the last 'Cast today. Whooppieeee!!!

And Dawn and Jennie, it was SO good to hear your voices on the DropBox recording. What a great thing that is!!!!!

Love to you all! Watch the other blog!